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Frequently asked questions 

I submitted my application online. How do I know you got it and what do I do next?

The moment you click 'submit', we’ve got it. Make sure you continue through the other pre-hire documents. If you are not sure there were additional documents, CLICK HERE   to learn where to find them. The next step is an HR representative will evaluate your submission and may invite you to the next step in the hiring process. Watch your e-mail!

I forgot my password.

From the careers home page, select 'Forgot Password?" link. Enter the email address you used when you applied and the system will send you an email with password reset instructions. Follow the instructions in the email to log back in.

Didn't receive an email? Please check your junk mail or spam folder.

I was only able to select one location or one position to submit my application but I would like to be considered for other locations. Do I need to fill out additional applications to be considered for other locations or positions?

Sort of.  Whenever you select an additional position, you'll be directed to log in.  After you do, you'll be taken to the online application.  But you'll find that all of the information you entered before is saved.  Review the information and check its accuracy.  Then, select NEXT to advance through the application.  You'll need to do this for all the pre-hire forms, but since all of the information is already saved, it doesn't take very long. 

May I simply come in and submit my resume?

No.  If you stop by, we'll have a computer set up for you to enter your application and to go through the various steps in our process.

May I have someone else complete my application? 

If you need someone's help to complete the application, that's up to you.  But bear in mind that when you digital sign the application, you are swearing that the information was provided by you and you have read the disclaimer.  Your digital signature is as legally binding as your physical signature.

I took the Behavioral Assessment Test and did not have a qualifying score.  What happens next?

Behavioral Assessment Test scores are valid for 6 months.  If your score did not qualify, you must wait 6 months and then are welcome to re-apply.

I have 2 moving violations on my driving record.  When will my driving record be acceptable?

We look back at the last 3 years of your driving history so when one of the moving violations is older than 3 years (from the conviction date listed on the Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)) it will drop off your record.  Assuming you have no other violations, at that time you may re-apply and submit a new copy of your MVR.

I did not pass the Physical Ability Test (PAT).  What happens next?

PAT results are valid for 3 months.  Use that time to get to the gym and train.  In 3 months you'll be eligible to again take the PAT.  In most cases, you will not have to go through the interview process again.

I applied as an EMT and was rejected because I won't have 4 years of driving experience until 2 months from now.  When can I apply?

Driving an ambulance is one of the most hazardous parts of working in EMS and is not the place for drivers with little or no significant driving experience.  Our experience with newer drivers is they have not yet developed the skills to process the information that comes with operating a large vehicle in an emergency response setting or with a patient on board.  Working with our insurance company, we have determined that an individual with at least 4 years of behind the wheel experience is less likely to have difficulty driving and navigating an ambulance.  So, once you have at least 4 years of driving experience, you will be welcome to apply at that time.

Technical Support

CandidateCare™ is mobile device optimized and compatible in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE10 or above. Most issues are resolved if you try an alternate browser. Still having trouble?  When contacting Tech Support, please provide as much information about what you are experiencing. What internet browser and version are you using? Are you receiving an error message and if so, what does it say?

Email (  or call us (1-866-342-4280)


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