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Job Title Dispatcher 1
Location Fresno, CA
Department Communications
FLSA Status Non-Exempt
Reports to Communications Supervisor
Shifts hiring Full-time


Dispatcher I—Answer all in-coming calls to the Communication Center.  Conduct medical interrogation and administer pre-arrival instructions.  Enter pertinent information into the computer.

Dispatcher II & III—In addition to the duties of a Dispatcher I; coordinate all EMS and fire responses throughout the area of service.  Position and dispatch ambulances and fire apparatus utilizing SSM and the SSP.  Communicate professionally, via radio and paging system, with all responding personnel.  Work closely with the on-duty Communications Supervisor.


  1. Assure compliance and enforcement of all policies, procedures, processes, and protocols of the American Ambulance Employee Handbook, American Ambulance/Fresno County contract, CCEMSA Policies and Procedures, and any other contracts relating to EMS Communications.
  2. Staff dispatcher workstations as assigned.
  3. Effectively and appropriately communicate with other agencies in a professional manner.
  4. Operate equipment as trained and assigned and provide appropriate notification to the on-duty Supervisor in the event of malfunction.
  5. Provide appropriate pre-arrival instructions on every call when indicated.
  6. Facilitate the dispatching of all units within the monthly required standard.
  7. Assure that the closest, most appropriate ambulance and/or fire apparatus is assigned on all requests for service.
  8. Maintain constant compliance with SSP, including: expedient reassignment of Metro units and coverage (where indicated) of outstations within required standards.
  9. Facilitate request of on-scene units for additional/specialized unit response.
  10. Maintain professional and courteous radio communications with all personnel utilizing clear-text radio standards.
  11. Monitor individual unit response time and report any that exceed response standards to the on-duty Communications Supervisor.
  12. Responsible to follow all safety rules and guidelines.
  13. Arrive to all work assignments on time, in appropriate uniform, and with all appropriate certifications and credentials.
  14. Maintain a professional appearance at all times when representing American Ambulance.
  15. Maintain all necessary certifications.
  16. Treats all patients, patient’s families and friends, health care agency personnel, and all members of the public with respect and professionalism.
  17. Responsible for completion and accuracy of all paperwork and computerized records.
  18. Responsible for proper use of all facilities and equipment, used or issued.
  19. Responsible to return all issued equipment in working condition at the end of employment or when requested.


  1. May not release employee-related information.
  2. May not release call-related information pertaining to CAD/Dispatch information.
  3. May not release Company-related information.
  4. May not use Company letterhead.
  5. May not communicate with the media


  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. Current California Identification
  3. Must be able to read, write and speak English
  4. Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions


Please note, all training time is paid.  All training will be provided after hire.

  1. Current CCEMSA EMS Dispatcher
  2. Current Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification - Provider or Instructor
  3. Current Emergency Medical Dispatcher Certification
  4. Current Emergency Fire Dispatcher Certification


  1. Shift start time
  2. Clock start to unit alert time on priority 1-4 calls is less than 30 seconds with 90% compliance.
  3. Late call compliance performance on priority 1-4.
  4. Clock start to unit alert time on priority 5-7 calls to allow adequate time for unit to arrive on scene by the requested pick-up time with 80% compliance.
  5. SSP compliance.
  6. Level zero time
  7. Policy/procedure test
  8. Map/District/Zone test (zone/hundred blocks).
  9. Attend all mandatory training sessions.


Equipment Demands

Must be able to operate the following equipment:

  1. Computer (keyboard, mouse, and required software)
  2. GPS hardware/software
  3. Paging hardware/software
  4. Radio equipment
  5. Telephone (including ring-downs)

Emotional Demands

  1. Work any hours of the day and days of week
  2. Work with many different agencies
  3. Work closely with the Public
  4. Work well with co-workers
  5. Work with tight deadlines under pressure
  6. Work irregular hours
  7. Be able to make quick judgments under pressure
  8. Be confidential with privileged information

Physical Demands

  1. Be able to sit for prolonged periods.
  2. Be able to reach above shoulder level from a sitting position
  3. Be able to type >/= 30 wpm.
  4. Be able to lift 30 lbs. to a height of three feet.

Environmental Demands

  1. Be able to work indoors.

DEPARTMENT: Communications
REPORTS TO: Communications Supervisor

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